The Fear

The Fear, Photograph 2011, Belinda Chlouber
The Fear, Photograph 2011, © Belinda Chlouber


My mother, Carla Sweet Chlouber 1939-2011, wrote this poem as a young woman. I think about it when I’m afraid of the unknown. Today I’m thinking of it a lot with the inauguration of Donald Trump as America’s 45th President. Somehow the poem gives me hope so I thought I would share it with you hoping it will do the same for you. We have long fought the same fight and it lies within ourselves.

I made a handmade book for this poem when my mother was sick, to help me with my fear of what she was going through. The above image is from the cover of it and a photograph I took of our family farm.


The Fear 

The fear was there that night,

The dark and ugly feel of fright,

That made us shudder, weep , and moan,

And call to spirits long unknown.


And all the while our frenzied minds,

Which monster fear so easily blinds,

Were searching ways to kill the thing,

That made us crown the devil king.


The fear that clutched at hearts so weak,

Had made us wildly search and seek,

For any reason, any cause,

To tell us who had failed man’s laws.


And then the spirits long unknown,

Gave cries from some dark shaded zone,

And told us where this villain hid,

And then we found him, in the id.


by Carla Sweet Chlouber 1939-2011 ©ChlouberEstate2017

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