My Thoughts on an Uncertain Future

"Holding On", Mixed Media on Panel, 6"x6", ©belindachlouber 2016
“Holding On”, Mixed Media on Panel, 6″x6″, ©belindachlouber 2016


When you feel like the ground under your feet has turned to quicksand, and you knew it might but had hoped it wouldn’t—that’s how I feel after this election 2016. To me it feels like our world is going through a kind of shock therapy of which we will dramatically change the script of history. I knew many people felt unsettled, I just didn’t realize how many. So in essence America threw a brick at the TV because Americans didn’t like the show. Climate Change, inequity and our loss of self-reliance and self-determination are bitter pills to swallow and a hard channel to watch.

So where do we go as a rag tag bunch of humans with no clear idea of what the future holds for humanity? Do we step into a world where robots make and control everything with a few very rich families dictating our future? Well, what would everyone else do? Do we turn to self-reliance and grow our own food, buy only local, never travel (except through virtual reality)? What kind of a people will we choose to be, kind, horrible, compassionate, spiritual, or vindictive and greedy? The future is a choice we all make with our actions today, each and every one of us. Choose a bloody, hard battle here in America? Let’s grow up.  We’ve done that.  We’re better than that. I hope.

I’m going to use this forum to think about what it means to be an American and focus specifically on part of my family’s history in America beginning with when they came over on the Mayflower. So look for these posts in the future!

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