Life Unwound

"Life Unwound", Mixed media with hand stitching on vintage linen, 17" x 44", ©belindachlouber 2016
“Life Unwound”, Mixed media with hand stitching on vintage linen, 17″ x 44″, ©belindachlouber 2016


When my daughter was little I learned how beautiful and rewarding hand-stitching can be when I volunteered with a group that made crafts to benefit her school. I’ve been collecting heirloom linens to reconstruct them and give them new life since then. This is the first piece of a series I’m starting that I’ve been thinking about for years where I’ve used hand stitching in my artwork.

If you look closely on the right you will see the figure in red next to the black mass. I wanted the figure to appear to be both pushing and pulling the mass. The roses for me represent beauty, the beauty that is under our feet. And roses, like life can be both beautiful and thorny. There is a lot more I was thinking about with this piece but I will leave your imagination some room to wonder.

I’ve been wondering lately—what if we viewed art history from the lens of embroidery and lace work, how would men fair?


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