The Pink Pussy Hat Saves Us

The Knitted Pink Pussy Hat Saves Us

  Once upon a time People lived on a beautiful planet It was green and lush filled with diversity and wonder It was hard sometimes but always beautiful The small little planet was almost lost to humans But just in time they realized it's beauty and wonder And did EVERYTHING they could to save it and it's beautiful life And everyone lived happily ever after.

The Fear, Photograph 2011, Belinda Chlouber

The Fear

  My mother, Carla Sweet Chlouber 1939-2011, wrote this poem as a young woman. I think about it when I'm afraid of the unknown. Today I'm thinking of it a lot with the inauguration of Donald Trump as America's 45th President. Somehow the poem gives me hope so I thought I would share it with you hoping it will do the same for you.

"Holding On", Mixed Media on Panel, 6"x6", ©belindachlouber 2016

My Thoughts on an Uncertain Future

  When you feel like the ground under your feet has turned to quicksand, and you knew it might but had hoped it wouldn't—that's how I feel after this election 2016. To me it feels like our world is going through a kind of shock therapy of which we will dramatically change the script of history.

Elections 2016 and a Poem

  As a little girl living in Southeastern Oklahoma I was surrounded by tales of outlaws and hidden caves where they had lived. One of the most memorable for me was a woman named Belle Starr. My mother, Carla Sweet Chlouber, bless her soul, wrote a poem about Belle Starr and I've long tried to understand it and come to terms with it and it's meaning.

Life Unwound, detail

Life Unwound

  When my daughter was little I learned how beautiful and rewarding hand-stitching can be when I volunteered with a group that made crafts to benefit her school. I've been collecting heirloom linens to reconstruct them and give them new life since then. This is the first piece of a series I'm starting that I've been thinking about for years where I've used hand stitching in my artwork.

Breathe #1, Mixed Media Acrylic, 15.5" x16" ©belindachlouber 2016


  In working on Climate Change issues and art activism I'm feeling a bit spent, so I decided to take 'breaths' in my artwork. So I'll do a piece that is psychologically challenging then do a small piece which I"m considering a 'breath'. Where I don't think of anything but the colors and forms, so basically abstract pieces.