Belinda Chlouber
Belinda Chlouber © photograph by Ava Donovan all rights reserved

As an artist I try to make sense of life through a visual means—

Over the last ten years, my work has considered our relationship to other animals and the earth, exploring ideas such as communication, compassion, beauty and sustainability. I have also explored through my artwork my own hearing loss through my research with sound. The fragility of life and its ever-changing nature, both beautiful and tragic, sometimes ugly, compel me as an artist to explore this duality.

After receiving cochlear implants last year, for my rather severe hearing loss, as part of my therapy I started listening to books. One of the first books I just by chance listened to was Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs. the Climate”. This book was the catalyst to start working on a series of artworks about how society changes and how we can cope with such a dramatic systemic problem as climate change. With our ability to communicate so rapidly we have set in place the ability to transform our behaviors and attitudes in a way never before possible. This gives me great hope where hope is hard to find.

One series I worked on during my silent years was what I consider a “backward collaboration in time” with the writings, poetry and short stories, that were left by my mother, Carla Sweet Chlouber and her father, my grandfather, Arthur Carlos Sweet. After my mother unexpectedly passed away we found her unpublished poetry and short stories along with my grandfather’s unpublished writings. Not wanting their work to be lost I decided to work with it through my own artwork and also as a way to cope with the loss of my mother. I came across their own grief of losing their parents—it was then I could see a chain that extended back to the beginning and that we are never alone in these feelings.

I was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1961. During my early years my family lived in Arizona on the Navaho and Hopi reservations, Oklahoma and Nebraska. I have a deep appreciation for native American cultures, they have deeply influenced me as an artist and my view of the world. There is a timeless, quiet quality one of strength and love for nature that I find through having grown up there.

To me culture, how we shape it, and all that we create through that is what will enable us to thrive and live in harmony with each other and the planet we live on, earth.


1983  Parsons School of Design, MFA painting program one semester of studio work, New York, NY

1983  Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri BFA – graduated with honors

1982  Queens College summer Landscape painting at Caumsett, New York

1981  Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, Maryland—mobility program

1978  Minneapolis College of Art and Design, summer school, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Upcoming Exhibitions

“16 Years of Art in Redwood City,” The Main Gallery, Redwood City, September 2016

“Encyclical, On Care for Our Common Home,” Group Art Exhibition, Berkeley, CA October 2016

Solo and collaborative Exhibitions

2015 Cafe Borrone, Menlo Park, CA

2014 Willard Arts Center’s Carr Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Words and Paint: A Collaboration with Family Writing, Idaho Falls, Idaho

2014 Oklahoma State University Museum of Art,Solo Exhibition, Words and Paint: A Collaboration with Family Writing, Stillwater, OK

2012  Subterranean Arthouse, Solo Exhibition, , Berkeley, CA

2011  Altered, collaborative three-person show, The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA

2010  Living with Art, collaborative six person show, The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA

2006  Mundi, collaborative two-person show, The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA

2005  The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA, solo show

2005  Crockett Contemporary Art, Crockett, CA, two-person show

2002  Atelier 31 Gallery, two-person show, Kirkland, WA

2000  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, three-person show, San Francisco, CA

1988  Introductions 1988; S.F. Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, San Francisco, California

1987  Chlouber/Donovan; InterArt Gallery, two-person show, San Francisco, CA

1984  Gardiner Art Gallery, Solo exhibition, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Group Exhibitions

2015 Sanchez Art Center 50|50 Show, Pacifica, CA

2015 “Transforming Community: Disability, Diversity and Access” by Petra Kuppers Juror, Westbeth Gallery, NYC

2014 Sandra Lee Gallery, Triennial Real and Surreal juried exhibition, San Francisco, CA

2014 Disconnect, NCWCA Members’ Exhibition, Transmission Gallery, Oakland, CA

2014 Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital, 11th Annual Art for the View juried exhibition, Schenectady, NY

2014 Layers, Flywheel Press, San Mateo, CA

2013  Elements of Expression @ The Art 29 Space, Chelsea, NY

2013  See | Exhibition Space, Long Island City, NY

2013  Visual Harmony, Connecting Women through Art, Village Theatre Art Gallery, Danville, CA

2013  International Woman’s day, West Hollywood City Building, West Hollywood, CA

2013  AY Atelier, SustainAbility A Call for Action, Malibu, CA

2013  Blackheath Gallery, New Year 2013, London

2013  The Main Gallery, New Year, New Work, Redwood City, CA

2013  a.Muse Gallery, Fictions: The Worlds Writers and Artists Create, San Francisco, CA

2013  Peninsula Ballet City Arts Gallery, A Mother/Daughter Exhibit, San Mateo, CA

2012  Word 6, Columbia University, Chicago

2012   a.Muse Gallery, “Let Strange Flowers Burst Forth”, San Francisco, CA

2009  Bay Area Women Artists, O’hanlan Art Center, Mill Valley, CA

2009  Black Bird/Yellow Line, A collaborative narrative, The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA

2009  The Self Portrait Show, The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA

2007  Allegory, Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, CA

2006  See Jane Run, Contemporary Art about Childhood, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

2006  Hot off the Press: Exploring the boundries of Printmaking, The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA

2004  Contemporary Fine Arts, Group show “Good Enough to Eat”, San Anselmo, CA

2002  Gallery Rt. One Annual Juried show, Pt. Reyes, CA

1989  Thirteenth annual small works exhibition; New York University, New York, NY

2001  Face to Face, Contemporary Portraits, California State University Chico, CA

2001  Olive Hyde Art Guild, Special Juried Exhibition, Fremont, CA,

2001  Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Reflections•Forms•Patterns, Sebastopol, CA

2001  Myths Legends and Dreams, Danvile Fine Arts Gallery, Danvile, CA

2000  California Small works; SONOMA Museum of Visual Art, Santa Rosa, CA,

1998  19th Annual Bay Arts Exhibition; Belmont, CA

1995  Visionary Liaisons; Couples who make art, Bucheon Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1995  Dream Riddle, Bedford Gallery/Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA

1994  Ars Longa Vita Brevis; Time, Mortality, Melancholy, Weir Gallery, Berkeley, CA

1994  A Surreal Summer Show; Bucheon Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1992  1.5, At Crossword Puzzle Project; New York, NY

1989  Landscape: A Travelogue painted from memory, imagination or reality; Ruth Siegal Gallery, NY, NY

1988  Art: Not Narrative; traveling exhibition, Cal State Stanislaus, CA

1988  Annual Exhibition 1988; Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

1988  The Figure in Context; Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

1988  Art in the American Embassies; Lima, Peru, piece was on loan

1987  Miniature Show; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1987  Emeryville First annual Art exhibition; Emeryville, CA

1987  Charles Shere- A Berkeley Humanist and his Collection; Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

1987  The Ethnic Idea: An Artistic Genesis; Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

1987  X The Unknown: San Francisco, CA

1986  New Art: Group exhibition, San Francisco, CA

1986  SHE Exhibition: Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

1979  11th Annual High School Drawing Competition Exhibition, Oklahoma Museum of Art, Oklahoma City, OK

1979  Young Talent in Oklahoma Exhibition, Oklahoma Art Center, OK


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